Register for our Spring 2020 Connect Groups below!

Connect Groups are a great way to meet with new friends, grow in relationship with God, have fun, and make a difference. We launch a new set of Connect Groups several times each year. 

  • Interest Groups - Things like paintball, hiking, crafts, softball, walking or whatever else people do with their free time
  • Service Groups - Things like feeding the hungry, doing service projects, yard clean up, making meals for others, or pulling off events at the church
  • Study Groups - Things like how to read the Bible, learning to pray, parenting, the basics of Christianity, or building a better marriage
  • Connect Events - Things like a one time Bunko night, poker night, painting class, Silver Creek partnership class, or escape room puzzle.
  • event101 - bunko


    Friday: TBD


    Location: Silver Creek Family Church

    Leaders: Monica Eilertson & Marci Taylor

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School Students

    Description: Come and play Bunko, hang out with friends, and make new ones! No prior experience playing is needed. There will be light snacks and prizes! So join us for a great time!

    Cost/Supplies: $5

  • event102 - mom's day out: edmonds farmers market


    Saturday: 6/20/20

    10:00AM - 1:00PM

    Location: Downtown Edmonds

    Leaders: Wendie Louthan

    This group is for: Women

    Description: Come join us for a fun moms day out as we explore the Edmonds farmers market and then get together for lunch.

    Cost/Supplies: None

  • event103 - partnership class


    Sunday : One Time Event 6/14/20

    2:00pm - 5:00pm

    Location: Silver Creek - Room 4 or via Zoom call

    Leaders: Brent Hudson & Elizabeth Volz

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School Students

    Description: We believe that there is value when individuals decide to partner with the church. We also recognize that you desire and need healthy relationships, a place where you can use your gifts, grow, and belong to something bigger than yourself. In order to meet these needs, we want to introduce you to our history, our mission, our vision and our philosophy in ministry! If you have attended Silver Creek for one week or many years, you are welcome and invited to come and be a part.

    Cost/Supplies: None

  • event104 - afrolatino festival 2020


    Sunday: One Time Event 7/26/20

    12:00pm - 7:00pm

    Location: Silver Creek - Back Field

    Leader: Georgia Vazquez

    This group is for: All

    Description: The Afrolatino Festival is a Free Family Friendly Multicultural event. We will have food, music, and dancers from different Latin American countries and activities for children.

    Cost/Supplies: None

  • interest101 - seattle stair stepping


    Weekly: Saturday 5/16/20 & 6/7/20, 9:00AM - Noon

    Location: Because the journey is short to the trail heads, we can meet social distancing requirements by driving and meeting in the outdoors. In general, we would begin by nine and should be finished by noon.  We'll tackle hikes in Magnolia and Madrona.

    Leader: Roger Sauter

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School students

    Description: If you are still reading, you may wish to join us for urban hiking. Seattle stair walks are the goal. These are genuine hikes, not for the faint of heart. The routes are circuitous and challenging – – and quite rewarding.

    Disclaimers: Strenuous. Steep. Early.

    Cost/Supplies: Bring water, sun protection and good shoes. Along the way, discover interesting parts of the city, architecture and the beauty of Seattle.

  • interest102 - date night/family night


    Open Invitation: Make arrangements with group leader

    Location: Welt House, Lynnwood

    Leader: Brian Welt

    This group is for: Men, Women, Parents with Kids

    Description: Need a night out? Enjoy diner and a movie in my home theater. Professionally calibrated 77 Inch OLED TV with Dolby Atmos surround sound. Six theater recliners. Selection of over 300 movies.

    Cost/Supplies:  None

  • interest103 - silver creek family car show


    Saturday: 8/29/20

    9:00AM - 3:00PM

    Location: Silver Creek Family Church

    Leaders: Steve Johann

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School Students, Parents with children

    Description: Do you love cars? We will be holding our first annual car show righton the campus of SCFC. The event will include a variety of different cars belonging to car enthusiasts from all over the area. We are looking for a team of people to help pull off the event. If you are interested in being a part, sign up and we will be in contact with roles and responsibilities. Thanks for your interest in this outreach event!

    Cost/Supplies: None

  • interest104 - scfc crafters and quilters


    Monday: Weekly - Beginning 5/4/20

    6:00pm - 10:00pm

    Location: Boad’s Home - Lynnwood

    Leader: Brenda Boad

    This group is for: Women

    Description: Would you like a group where you can work on projects both craft-based and sewing? If you're a beginner OR seasoned quilter/crafter, this connect group is for you! We meet weekly on Monday evenings at Carter and Brenda Boad's home. All are welcome, but my house has stairs and is not baby-proof. We meet for dinner @ 6pm, and then work on projects until 9:30 or 10pm. You are welcome to leave your projects, supplies, and machines at my home if that is helpful for you.

    Cost/Supplies: Just bring your project and supplies!

  • interest105 - thursday night basketball


    Thursday: Weekly - Whenever it's safe to meet again

    7:00pm - 9:00pm

    Location: Silver Creek Gym

    Leader: Don Matson

    This group is for: Men, High School Students

    Description: Drop in and join us for basketball, exercise, and fellowship

    Cost/Supplies: None

  • interest106 - monday night volleyball


    Monday: Weekly - Whenever it's safe to meet again

    7:00pm - 9:00pm

    Location: Silver Creek Gym

    Leader: Carter Boad

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School Students

    Description: Every Monday night, we play co-ed open gym recreational volleyball. We're not pros, but we play our best and have a great time competing with and encouraging each other.

    Cost/Supplies: None

  • interest107 - game night


    Friday: Monthly - 2nd Friday each month - 5/8/20 - 7/10/20

    6:30pm - 9:30pm

    Location: McGaughey Home, Edmonds

    Leader: Bob & Gail McGaughey

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School Students

    Description: We will meet the 2nd Friday of each month to play board games and share food. Bring a snack to share and your favorite large group game and join us. This group is appropriate for teenagers and adults.

    Cost/Supplies: Bring a snack to share and your favorite large group game and join us!

  • service101 - prayer group


    Wednesday: Weekly 5/6/20 - 7/29/20

    Time TBD

    Location: Hudson Home, Lynnwood

    Leader: Steve Hudson

    This group is for: Men, Women

    Description: Praying for the prayer requests of our church, and for the needs of our sister church in El Salvador, our city and our nation.

    Cost/Supplies: None

  • service102 - meals ministry


    Date/Time TBD: As Needed

    Location: This group may not meet in person, but will coordinate to share the work of meal prep and delivery, as needed.

    Leader: Jamie Hewitt

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School Students

    Description: This group will prepare and coordinate delivery of meals to those in our Silver Creek community who need a little extra care - such as new parents or those recovering from illness or surgery. All you need is a desire to serve and meal prep skills. We accept all levels, Master Chefs to Masters of the Microwave!

    Cost/Supplies: Some amount of meal prep costs

  • service103 - back to basics: recovery steps workshop


    Friday/Saturday: 2nd Friday evening of month at 7-9:30PM & 3rd Saturday morning of month at 10:00AM - 12:30PM - Beginning 5/1/20

    Location: Silver Creek Family Church

    Leader: v

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School students

    Description: This group is focused on working through the steps of recovery to remove the compulsion to alcohol & drugs. Unlike discussion groups, this is based on working through the steps within a couple of weeks, much like how the early founders of AA worked them. The workshops will consist of two 2-1/2 hour sessions per month. Newcomers will be teamed up with a trusted sponsor to help them through the steps. Or if you have a sponsor, please bring them.

    Cost/Supplies: No cost to attend. Each should bring a spiral notebook, pen and the book Alcoholics Anonymous. If you don't have a book, one will be provided for you.

  • service104 - lynnwood food bank


    Monday-Friday: Service opportunities available weekly - 5/1/20 - 7/31/20

    Location: Lynnwood Food Bank

    Leader: Alissa Jones

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School students, Middle School students with older sibling or parent

    Description: Assist in the process of distributing groceries to those in our community that need a helping hand.

    Cost/Supplies: None

  • study101 - hour of prayer


    Wednesday: 5/20/20, 6/17/20, 7/15/20

    7:00pm - 8:00pm

    Location: Silver Creek Main Auditorium or via Zoom call

    Leader: Brent Hudson

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School Students

    Description: Participate in one hour of guided prayer. Every 5 minutes will focus on different aspects or approach to prayer, creating one hour of prayer. This process can be taken home and applied to a personal time of prayer, helping you grow in your ability to develop spiritual maturity.

    Cost/Supplies: None

  • study102 - twenty-something's women's group


    Tuesday: Weekly 5/12/20 - 7/28/20

    7:00pm - 8:30pm

    Location: ZOOM Meetings until it's safe to meet in the Volz Home, Lynnwood

    Leader: Elizabeth Volz

    This group is for: Post-High School, under 30-year-olds

    Description: Being in your 20's means that your life is, most likely, full of transitions. Moving away from home. Starting a career. Getting married. Living abroad. Becoming a parent. Owning a home. The list is endless. Come find community with those in a similar place of life. Join us as we use a variety of different resources leading to a better understanding of God's Word and topical group conversations.

    Cost/Supplies: Starting Point Workbook

  • study103 - twenty-something's men's group


    Tuesday: Weekly 5/12/20 - 7/28/20

    7:00pm - 8:30pm

    Location: TBD

    Leader: Scott Taylor

    This group is for: Men under 30, post-high school

    Description: Creating and maintaining strong connections through communal activities, such as: topical group conversations, topical Word study, mentorship, and special events.

    Cost/Supplies: Moleskine Journal (or other notebook) for notes, Bible

  • study104 - bible reading challenge


    Daily: 5/1/20 to 7/31/20

    Location: Your Home & Facebook Group

    Leader: Christina Miller

    This group is for: Men, Women, High School Students, Parents with Kids

    Description: Let’s read the Bible together and let it transform our minds (Romans 12:2), train us in righteousness, and equip us for good works (2 Timothy 3:16). We’ll be jumping in January 1st with a global Bible reading program that will take us through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice over the course of a year (about 7 chapters per day). There is no study guide, we’ll simply be feasting on the Word and discussing via a private Facebook group. #keepthefeast

    Cost/Supplies: Bible and ability to join FaceBook Group

  • study105 - women of the bible


    Thursday : Weekly 5/21/20 - 6/30/20

    7:00pm - 8:30pm

    Location: ZOOM Meetings until it's safe to meet in the Hudson Home, Lynnwood

    Leader: Caralee Hudson

    This group is for: Women, High School students

    Description: We will be taking a look at the women of the Bible and discovering how one by one they changed their world. We will be using a study method that is great for group discussion, but it also trains us how to effectively read God's word on our own and to apply it personally. We always end our time together with prayer after sharing prayer requests and praises.

    Cost/Supplies: Bring your Bible