Silver Creek exists to INVITE people to know Jesus and CONNECT them in His family, 

TRAIN them to grow in Christ, and provide opportunity for them to SERVE in the church and in the world, in order to WORSHIP God with their whole life.  


The staff and leadership at Silver Creek Family Church is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for the people in our church, community, and world. If you have any questions for our staff, feel free to reach out and email them. 

For general questions/inquires, contact

  • Brent Hudson - Teaching Pastor

    Executive Team


    Crazy enough, Brent started attending Silver Creek in the 4th grade.  During the eight years after high school Brent met his wife Julie and lived in Salem, Oregon until returning to Silver Creek in 2000.  & Julie have three teenage kids, Kade, Simone and Colby.  Brent enjoys being active and loves finding the fun in whatever he is doing.

  • Elizabeth Volz - Executive Director

    Executive Team


    Elizabeth grew up right here in Seattle. She got her BA in Communications while attending the UW. She met her husband, Michael, as a freshman and they married four years later. Together, they are raising three teenage boys, Jacob, Aaron and Caleb, and every day is an adventure! Elizabeth, has been in full time ministry for 15 years and is passionate about impacting individuals both inside and outside of our walls.

  • Amy Hill - Creative Director


    Amy was born and raised here in north Seattle. After graduating from Meadowdale High School, she attended college in Idaho earning a BA in Graphic Design. She was glad to return to the Pacific Northwest with her husband Tyler and they love living here. Thanks to laughter, negotiation and caffeine they are surviving raising their two young daughters, Ruby and Josephine. Amy believes that as Created Beings, we are intended to be Creative Beings and feels honored to lead that charge at Silver Creek.

  • Julianne Wells - Executive Assistant

    Julianne was raised in Edmonds and graduated from Meadowdale High School. After attending Azusa Pacific University she returned to rainy Seattle to finish her degree in Business Management. She and her husband Cory have 4 kids - Shay, Michael, Jayden and Olivia. She loves the beach, prays for sunshine daily and always has coffee in hand.

  • Clayton Grisham - Digital Marketing Director

  • Jacob Volz - FUEL & IGNiTE Director (7th-12th graders)

    Jacob grew up in Silver Creek and has volunteered in almost every area of ministry at the church. Jacob now oversees 7th-12th grade ministries and manages worship technology operations and improvement projects. He graduated from Meadowdale High School, and is now a Finance Major at the University of Washington. Jacob fills his free time playing jazz music and watching Star Wars movies.

  • Simone Hudson - Children's Ministry Director

    Simone has been going to Silver Creek for her whole life and has served in almost all of the areas of ministry since for as long as she can remember. She now oversees children's ministries and helps out with 7th -12th grade ministries. Simone graduated from Lynnwood High School and works at Fred Meyer. When she gets free time she likes to fill it by playing video games, drawing, and editing random short videos.

  • Kelli Heys - Board Member (3rd year)

  • Bob McGaughey - Board Member (3rd year)

  • Ryan Miller - Board Member (2nd year)

  • Roger Sauter - Board Member (2nd year)

  • Carter Boad - Board Member (1st year)

  • Rhiannon Christianson - Board Member (1st year)

  • Kellie Garth Green - Board Member (1st year)


We have five core values that are the foundation for what our purpose is at Silver Creek Family Church. 

They are the baseline of what we strive to accomplish for Christ.

  • Invite

    Reaching out to others, calling everyone in. Our hope is to continue growing by never failing to invite others to share in the hope, peace and purpose of life we have found through Jesus Christ. 

  • Connect

    At Silver Creek Family we want to focus on building relationships.   Whether within our church community, our local community or extending far beyond into our world, this is a key part of who we are. 

  • Train

    We set out to lead people into a growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We are committed to training all people regardless of what stage they are at in their walk with Jesus Christ. Each ministry is designed to teach, mentor, and disciple all who come to Silver Creek Family Church. 

  • Serve

    We strive to serve God in all that we do at Silver Creek Family, but we also feel that you have a God-designed place to serve as well. There are many ways one can experience serving at our church. From helping with the providing meals to families in need, to being a Children's Coach, to helping organize office space - there is a place for you. Our goal is to help you recognize where you're gifted and find fulfillment in serving God.

  • Worship

    We want to be sure that everyone who comes to Silver Creek will experience God. Whether it's through Sunday worship, connect groups, or various ministries, we provide many opportunities for those who are seeking to experience God.